How to Make MASSIVE Amounts of Money
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(Whether You Wrote It Or Not!)

You... a best-selling author?  Yes!

Even if you don't have time to write the ebook yourself
Get your ebook out to as many people as possible
Create new income streams for your website
"I sold $61,662.00 worth of my ebooks in the first four-and-one-half weeks because I followed Jim's and David's advice to the letter!

Without the information in 'eBook Secrets Exposed,' I assure you, this never would have happened. It's the one resource I count on all the time. This book is a godsend for anyone who writes or publishes books on the Web. It certainly has been for me." 

- Stuart Lichtman
Author, "How to Get Lots of Money For Anything - Fast!" 


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From:  Jim Edwards
Co-Author, "eBook Secrets Exposed"

Dear Friend,

If you are looking for a good way to make money on the Internet that really works – and I will prove it to you in a moment – then please read this message very carefully.  It will be the most important information you read all year.

Let’s start with a question:  If you could make more than $20,000 in a single weekend – would you?  

Not in Las Vegas.  Not using a gun.  Not by winning the lottery.

But by publishing your own ebook and selling it on the Web – whether you wrote it or not!

My name is Jim Edwards and I’d like to share some interesting information with you.  In less than a year, I sold over 8,463 ebooks on the Internet.  You may have heard of them -- "33 Days to Online Profits," "How to Write and Publish Your Own eBook... in as little as 7 Days," "Selling Your Home Alone," and others.  

These ebooks are selling like crazy!

I’m not the only person doing this.  I could reel off the names of at least a dozen people I know right now who are selling more than I am.  And besides them, there are many, many others I’ve never even heard of.

Now you might ask me: “Can I make
a ton of money with ANY ebook?”

Frankly, no you can’t.  A lot of people are skimping by with a few hundred dollars a month – or less. Many ebooks don’t sell at all.  Why?  Because their authors decided they had an important message to give the world, but they didn’t happen to first find answers to these three basic questions:

1. Are there enough people interested in this topic, already reachable in groups, to market my ebook to?


2. Do those people have a problem they’d be willing to pay money – at least $29 – to solve?


3. Can I provide them with a good enough solution to their problem that they would consider what I have to tell them worth the money they paid for it?

One fellow has an ebook right now bringing in about $35,000 a month. The problem his ebook is solving?  Divorce!  (If you’ve ever been divorced, or you know anyone who has, you can see why a lot of people would gladly pay $79 for a guaranteed way to prevent an impending divorce from happening.)

Another fellow has an ebook that pays nowhere near $35,000 a month.  All this ebook does is pay the mortgage, two car payments, and the electric bill each month.  In other words, all of his and his wife’s basic expenses except food. 

The problem this ebook solves?  How to sell your house without paying a real estate agent thousands of dollars in commissions.  (I know this is true because I’m that guy! It’s one of the 9 ebooks I get money from every month.)

"I've made a fortune with ebooks and I also teach others how to do the same. So when I saw Jim and David's 'eBook Secrets Exposed', I just figured it'd mostly be rehash of everything else I'd already seen or heard. But boy, was I surprised! Of course, they do cover the basics -- but then they really go beyond that... WAY BEYOND!

Perhaps even more important than making big money is the advice in BONUS #1 "Best-Selling eBook Topic Detective" This one alone will save you a ton of aggravation and wasted time of doing it wrong. It already did for me!

Jim and David have really 'broken the code' on what it takes to make big money with almost any ebook on the Web. If that's what you want to do, I can give you only one piece of advice -- get this resource now!"

Yanik Silver
Author, "Instant Internet Profits", "Million Dollar Emails", "33 Days to Online Profits"

There are hot-selling ebooks on the Net about how to negotiate the best price on a new or used car; how to save money on a mortgage; how to write sales letters; how to promote your professional services business; how to achieve financial independence; and many, many other topics. 

Income varies.  Some people make a few hundred or a few thousand a month.  One entrepreneur I know is going to make close to $1 million this year – only selling information online.

And while I’m not sure I’ll make quite that much myself by December, I’m already having the most financially successful year of my life.

So I guess you’re wondering if you could do the same. Could you?  That depends.

If you’re a real “creative” type, extremely stubborn and independent, and you have to do things your own way – no.  Not right away.  You’d be like me.  It took me years of experimenting, and some lean and scary times, to get to where I am today.  But I had to blaze a trail that wasn’t there before.

On the other hand, if you have a sincere desire to make money and the ability to follow a proven, step-by-step system, then you can make literally as much money as you want with ebooks.  Starting two to four weeks from today.

Just as long as you follow the simple, basic steps laid out in this breakthrough new course...

eBook Secrets Exposed!
How to Make Massive Amounts of Money
In Record Time With Your Own eBook!
-by Jim Edwards & David Garfinkel

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"Get set to write two things. The first is an ebook. The second is a check for anything you want. A Ferrari? A round-the-world trip? 

You can, after you've read every word of Jim Edwards' and David Garfinkel's dynamite ebook, 'eBook Secrets Exposed.' 

All you need to do is read it and act upon its astonishingly realistic tips. Then you can create a best-selling ebook and you'll be able to afford your Ferrari, your world tour, and a whole lot more, because this book reveals secrets that can transform your income, your literary career, and your future. 

If ever there was a 'must-read' for this century, it's this book. If you're a guerrilla, you'll order it in the next five minutes." 

Jay Conrad Levinson
Author, "Guerrilla Marketing" series of books
The best-selling marketing series in history 

My co-author on this ebook is David Garfinkel, known by many as “the world’s greatest copywriting coach.”  What most people don’t know about David is that he’s also an award-winning business journalist, and about the most ruthless interviewer (iron fist in velvet glove) on the face of the Earth.

David pulled EVERY secret out of me (things I haven’t even told my wife) and he nailed down every detail so you get a complete, nothing-held-back business manual with all you need to know to create a best-seller… get people to sell it for you… and set up the simplest, lowest-cost delivery and payment processing system possible.  (With the information I’ll give you, you can be in business, up and running for less than $200.  Not only that, you don’t have to pay my $1,000 an hour consulting fee!)

Here are just a few of the many
important things you’ll learn:

  • My secret 5-Step Ultimate eBook Success Formula (even some of the biggest players on the Web never get past Step 1 – but you can believe my $1 million a year friend follows all five)

  • A “quick and dirty” way to instantly determine whether your ebook will sell or not

  • The top 10 reasons people buy ebooks – and how to use this information to create a best-seller!

  • A simple change I made to one Website that quadrupled the sales overnight!

  • Little-known secrets of building up your online ebook sales force (you’ll smack your forehead with an open palm when you see this one!)

  • How the “Santa Claus Strategy” can instantly rack up hundreds and even thousands of extra sales for you

  • The very fastest way to make big money with ebooks – and when it makes sense to use it

  • Two “no-brainer” ways to make additional money immediately from every customer who buys your ebook

  • A little trick that can make you more than $1,000 extra a month – after your ebook is already sold and paid for!

  • Why ebooks are the ideal – and quite possibly the only – “clean” and legal way for the average person to make money online

    As the author and ghostwriter of 10 business books with major publishers, I only wish I’d read E-Book Secrets Exposed before now.  With their no-nonsense, sales-oriented approach, Jim Edwards and David Garfinkel put authors in control of their books and their destinies.  Don’t wait for months or years to see your book in print.  Don’t settle for tiny advances and royalties.  Read this book, do what it says, and start making real money.

    Tom Gorman, 
    of Writing the Breakthrough Business Book


  •  How some ebooks have generated over $10,000 profit in less than a week – even for first-time authors

  • 9 ways to create your ebook FAST!

  • Why you don’t even have to write your own ebook to make a lot of money (I’ll show you 6 ways to get someone else to write your ebook for you – for next to nothing!)  

  •  5 ways to sell your ebook and generate passive income  

  • “The Refund Slasher” – a secret method I developed to reduce refund requests by as much as 95%  

  • How to find people to sell your ebook for you and you don’t pay a dime until after you’ve been paid  

  • How to make from $250 to $2500 a week with an ebook (there are more people doing this than you realize)  

  • The 2 things you must tell any major Internet player immediately to get them interested in promoting your ebook  

  • How to avoid spending months writing an ebook, only to find there’s no way in the world you could sell it for a profit  

  • How to get valuable ebooks that are already written FREE – and sell them for 100% profit (it’s completely legal if you know where to look)  

  • A clever method to get paid to create your ebook (get this: you don’t have to write a word using this method, and you own 100% of the ebook yourself)  

  • The subtle mental shift you need to make (it spells the difference between best-selling success and financial flop)  

  • You may naturally ask, “How will I make money with this?” STOP!  I’ll give you a much better question that will make you infinitely more money!  

  • Why you must always be open to new ideas (it can mean the difference between fortune and famine)  

  • A unique method (discovered totally by accident) that turns people who were all set to ask for their money back into loyal affiliates who make money for you!  

  • How to set up an autopilot system to take the payments, deliver the ebook and follow up with customers –virtually 100% by remote control – WITHOUT mortgaging your house or needing a degree in computer science!

And remember those 3 questions I mentioned earlier about: 1) are there enough people… 2) do they have a problem they’d pay money to solve… and 3) can you provide them with a solution they’ll pay you for?

You’ll get proven, step-by-step ways to answer each question completely, so nothing is standing in your way and you can choose the right topic and then create your own best-selling ebook.

Now maybe you have a hobby that’s shared by relatively few people in the world.  Say, a rare kind of embroidery.  Sharpening hunting knives.  An exotic kind of gardening.  Or something else very specialized.

If that’s the case, can you publish and
sell an ebook on the Web?

Absolutely!  The strategy you’ll learn in this course will work just fine for you.  Naturally, if the market for your ebook is a “tiny niche,” you probably won’t be racking up between $5,000 and $10,000 a month in sales.

But that’s OK.  Let’s say you only get $600 a month.  Would that help?  $600 a month is a luxury car payment… or a few fancy dinners out… or enough to pay down some credit cards… or a nice contribution to a kid’s college fund… and the information in this course is perfect for setting up such an income stream for a “tiny niche” ebook, too!

Like I said, I have 6 ebooks myself on the Net giving me and my wife a nice, comfortable passive income every month.  David has 3 successful ebooks on the Web himself, as well as a printed book from 1989 that still pays him royalties, and many audiotape products.  People pay each of us thousands of dollars for marketing consulting, speaking and seminars. 

I mention this simply to reassure you that we know our way around this subject from lots of hands-on experience (and a few hard knocks here and there).

And if eBook Secrets Exposed weren’t enough by itself, look at all these great free bonuses you get along with it!

BONUS #1: Best-Selling eBook Topic Detective

What if you had “magic glasses” and you could zero-in on exactly the kind of information large numbers of people are willing to pay money for?  Having that knowledge is an information marketer’s dream.  Yet for most ebook authors and publishers, this crucial money-making information stays far, far out of reach.

Now you’ll know how to turn the dream of finding buyers with money into business reality.  That’s because this bonus tells you how to extract what you need to know from a powerful online marketing database.  Not only that, I’ll show you an easy way to use this business gold mine for free!  With my step-by-step instructions at your side, you’ll have these three huge advantages:

1. You’ll zero-in on the right ebook topic to begin with.

2. You’ll be 10 steps ahead in knowing EXACTLY how to reach the right customers to sell your ebook to.

3. You won’t waste weeks or months writing an ebook you could never sell on the Internet!

By the way, an experienced marketer told me this report – with all its inside secrets and proven methods – was worth between $500 and $1,000 by itself to anyone marketing information on the Internet, because of the additional sales they would enjoy as a result of using it.  And based on the ebook marketing I’ve seen, I don’t think more than a handful of people know the secrets you’ll learn here. 

Though this could have become a high-end ebook in its own right, I decided to give it to you as a free bonus.  It’s just too important to put out of reach of anyone who really wants to sell ebooks.

BONUS #2: Copyright Basics

This authoritative report gives you the low-down on copyright law – very important, to protect your intellectual property rights.  You’ll learn how to get a copyright (it’s much easier than you think), how long a copyright remains valid, what you legally can (and can’t) copyright, and much, much more.  To get the same information on your own, you might have to hire an attorney for an hour or more. This is indispensable information for anyone in the ebook publishing business.

BONUS #3: The “Magic” Autoresponder Message That Saves Me 1-3 Hours a Day in Unnecessary Emailing

Here is a lifesaver.  How much is your time worth to you?  Once the ebook sales started to pile up for me, so did the tech support emails.  People had the same questions over and over, but I didn’t know how to give them the information in advance. 

So responding to their emails was costing me up to 3 hours a day, 7 days a week! 

Then I discovered a new way of setting up an autoresponder and the volume of emails dwindled, from 30-40 a day to 3 or 4.  In this special report, I’ll show you exactly how I did it – and how you can do it, too!

BONUS #4: Killer Mini Sites

Of course a key link in the sales chain is a Web site that sells.  It will make all the difference in sales.  But how do you create one?  Based on what I’ve seen on the Web, most people don’t have a clue.  I’m sure they haven’t read this fabulous 56-page manual, which will help you make your site a glistening gem sales superstar among the mediocre mass of Web sites that are sales losers. 

Killer Mini Sites will help yours be a winner with its 9-Step Formula for Creating Web Sites That Sell; headline secrets; copywriting tips; master marketing strategies; and much, much more.  If you were to buy this vital Web tool separately, you would pay $25.95.  But it’s yours FREE with eBook Secrets Exposed!

BONUS #5: How to Use Simple Surveys to Write Best-Selling eBooks & Info-Products

One reason you may be finding this ecourse and bonus package so interesting (or irresistible) is that it was created not in a flash of inspiration, but as the result of a survey.  That is, 814 of my customers told me they wanted to know more about

  • how to create more passive income  

  • how to set up a totally automated ebook delivery system on the Web  

  • how to make more money from each ebook sale  

  • advanced techniques to create ebooks quickly  

  • and more!

 … and so David and I set out to create information that filled their requests to a “t.”

What if you could do the same?  How much difference would it make in your ebook sales?  Here’s the answer:  It would make a HUGE difference, to the tens (or even hundreds) of thousands of dollars in additional sales!

This 26-page bonus shows you the actual survey that was used to gather information to initiate eBook Secrets Exposed.  But more important, it shows you an easy and inexpensive way to take online surveys yourself; tells you the two hidden psychological benefits of taking surveys; gives you guidance on which questions to ask; and leads you through every step of automating your own, highly profitable market survey!

So, how much is all this information going to cost you?  Several people I’ve shown this to told me I should charge $500.  I agree it’s worth that, and I would probably make more money at that price.  The only reason I’m not charging that much is you’d already have to be rich to justify paying $500 for this breakthrough information.

So how does “a dime on the dollar” sound?  I believe that’s fair – more than fair – and it’s affordable.  

The regular price for eBook Secrets Exposed plus the five bonuses is $97.  However, for a limited time, we are running a Market Test and you can have it at a discount for only $49.  That’s almost 50% off - but you must Act Now!

Plus, because you download the main course and all five bonuses, you can have this information right away!  And…

It doesn’t matter if it’s 2 in the morning!

Order Now and using the easy time-saving methods I’ll show you in the course, you can be online with your own ebook making money in two to four weeks!

Best of all, you can order with total confidence because this course comes with a 60-Day, 100% money-back guarantee.  It’s simple: either we live up to our promises and your expectations, or you can request a refund and receive all your money back – no questions asked!  You have a full 60 days to decide.

Remember, this is breakthrough information!  It’s not rehashed, watered-down, theoretical, well- meaning, could-ya / would-ya kinda-sorta stuff.  No.  David and I filled every page with from the field, tested, proven information that WORKS… not five years ago… not last year… but right now… TODAY!

You’ll get the latest, most up-to-date money-making information on ebook publishing anywhere – from someone who’s really doing it.  IMPORTANT:  In a recent month I sold 514 ebooks and took in $15,724. (Some months I have sold fewer, but other months I have sold even more!)

And that figure doesn’t even include all the affiliate commissions I earned on the sale of other people’s products through my ebooks.  

In fact, recently I took my wife on a carefree vacation to Las Vegas - and we were still making money - averaging $400-600 per day - because the ebook business is just that good!   

"Fantastic! If you've heard that ebooks don't sell, you heard it from someone who didn't read this amazing book! 

Thanks to Jim Edwards, I get huge checks for my ebook with him every two weeks!

How? Read this book and see! It's packed with tips, suggestions, ideas -- all easy and virtually cost-free -- to help you make money selling ebooks -- even if you didn't write them!" 

Joe Vitale
Author of far too many ebooks to list here, including
"Hypnotic Marketing"

Remember, I created this cash machine WITHOUT investing any money (other than the few hundred per ebook before it was initially released),  WITHOUT employees, and I’m making more than enough money from passive income so I wouldn’t have to work another DAY this year if I didn’t want to.

And you know what? I wouldn’t, if I weren’t having such great time doing it!

Now you can too.  Make money and have fun.  It’s become a shopworn cliché – except I know it as an everyday reality.  I’m going to show you how to make it your reality, too!  So what are you waiting for? Order Now!

You can't lose with our 100%,
ironclad, Money-Back Guarantee

Here's how to order right now!


Purchase Online with Credit Card by Secure Server 
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Once your credit card is approved, you will be taken to a special download page where you will download the ebook along with your FREE Bonuses.

You will be downloading and reading the ebook and incredible bonuses within just a few minutes... and using it to create, market and sell your own massively profitable ebook!

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To your success,

Jim Edwards

P.S. You can make money with ebooks in ways you might not even have imagined. Look at this email note we just received, which we are posting with permission on this site: 

Dear Jim and David, 

It's hard to put into words how much this ebook helped me. 

I bought it on a Friday night. And spent the whole weekend not just reading it, but devouring it! There was so much awesome content that I literally could not put it down. I remember telling my wife, "Let me take the kids to church play practice, so I can sit in the back of the church (alone) and keep reading this book."

You certainly "over-delivered" on this product. It's worth many, many times its sale price. And because I got so much out of it, I joined your affiliate program and have been promoting it on my website and in my ezine.

Section 9 (How Can I Use an eBook To Get More Consulting or Coaching Business) was especially applicable to my situation. I'm a Tax Accountant in Fort Wayne, Indiana and recently wrote an ebook about tax-reduction strategies for small business owners and self-employed people. After using the marketing strategies in your book, I'm starting to see great results -- people are buying my tax ebook and I'm getting new tax clients from all over the country.

I used to spend money on advertising to get new tax clients. Since publishing my ebook, I don't have an advertising budget; my advertising budget is now a profit center! Imagine that. And your "eBook Secrets Exposed" played a major role in my learning how to do this.

Wayne Davies
Fort Wayne Indiana

P.P.S. A number of people have said, “Jim, why are you doing this?  You’re giving away valuable information you should keep to yourself.”

Well, I agree about one thing – it’s valuable, all right.  But since I’m always trying and discovering new things, I hardly lose my competitive edge by sharing every secret I know with you today.  It just doesn’t matter.  I’ll have even more cutting edge information tomorrow. 

But there’s another, more important reason that I’m doing this. 

It makes me MAD to see all the MISinformaton out there about making money on the Net.  And when David gets on a roll about all the fraud and deception being passed off as solid business information, the freaking PHONE starts to melt!

So we’ve decided to set things straight.  For a small fraction of what we could (and maybe will) charge.  And you are the beneficiary… if you act now! Click here!

Act now! Buy now! Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Click here!


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